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The Argosaronikos fish farms are situated in the area of Pirgiakoni on the south side of the island of Salamina, the largest island in the saronic gulf, witch is just one hour away from the Athens international airport ( Εleftherios Venizelos) and just three hours away from the port of Patras.

The Argosaronikos Fish Farms are active since 1987

Focusing on the production of Mediterranean fish types sea bream, sea bass, and meagre. All our produce is exported to European countries and to USA.

Our Facilities

The Argosaronikos fish farms are able to produce 800 tonnes of fish per year.
The company s modern facilities are situated on private land in the area
of Pirgiakoni Bay, on the southern side of the island of Salamina incorporating


A modern hatchery for the production of fry.


Modern automatic nursery units where the fish are cared for be the trained
staff of Argosaronikos for the period of two months until they reach the desired
size to be able to continue their lives in the sea.


Automatic feeding stations in the sea with a capacity of 800 tonnes, where,
the fish can develop in their natural environment in a much lower than
average density.


Modern packaging facilities which are within 100m from breeding stations
so that the fish can be packed straight away after harvesting to arrive
fresh in the hands of the consumer.


A modern line of food production aimed solely for private use.

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